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Transform boardrooms, meeting/conference rooms, presentation rooms, auditoriums, training centres, lecture halls, classrooms, homes and command and control centres into multi-functional facilities through the implementation of stand-alone audio visual equipment, through to fully interactive scalable video conferencing solutions that best fit your environment.

  • Data/video projectors and projection screens
  • Video conference systems
  • AV control systems
  • Cameras
  • Directional microphones
  • LED/LCD/Plasma screens
  • Speakers
  • Interactive whiteboards – highly useful in all sectors, including classrooms
  • Digital signage and video walls


We can go so far as to provide remote management with a centralised control system to remotely control audio and video devices, cameras, lighting, air-conditioning, blinds, curtains, and projector screens. This allows you to manage your presentation environment and AV equipment. Also available are short term rentals of AV equipment such as projectors, mobile projection screens and PA systems for conferences and exhibitions.