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At Ziratek we understand that it can be incredibly frustrating for a business owner (and their customers) when they run into problems with their IT – you are not only losing valuable time and money while it’s down, but it can be detrimental to your customer service as well. When a PC is crashing or won’t even start up it is often due to a number of issues which is why it is always best to seek professional help.

The Ziratek team has a strong background in computer repairs and upgrades, so we are qualified and experienced to diagnose and resolve any IT problems your business may be struggling with. We can assist with PC issues involving software errors, faulty Power Supplies, RAM and Hard Drives.  An important point to always consider when buying IT equipment is that if your business hardware is not setup correctly or of poor quality chances are you will experience problems with it in the near future. This is a core belief here at Ziratek – get the basics right and the rest will follow through.Ziratek (Pty) Ltd can repair or replace the faulty hardware with ease. We have the skills to carry out main board repairs right down to component level repairs.


Desktop Computer  Repairs – All internal computer components can be repaired or replaced individually, provided that the computer’s generation fits within current market availability.


Software Repair Services – Removal of viruses, spyware and adware / Removal of malicious software and restoration of system activity. In some cases a complete system reinstallation may be required / Configuration and troubleshooting of software, Diagnosing and resolving software problems, eliminating errors and restoring software to its normal operation / Installation of software or other programs / Driver installation May be required to solve incompatibilities with hardware, device issues, sound, network, or video problems. Also required after hardware or software upgrades or changes, reinstallation of Windows, and for bug patches.


Laptop Service – Laptops require servicing at minimum once per year. A general service will include a total strip and clean of the laptop. The cooling fans and intakes will be thoroughly cleaned out. This precautionary service will prolong the life of the notebook, allow it to run faster, use its resources efficiently, as well as minimise the risk of hardware failure later on.


Monitor Repairs – Repairs to all makes and models LCDs, LEDs, as well as the old CRT monitors.

Monitors are stripped down to board level, and repairs are done at base component level.


Printer Service – General printer maintenance services :Total strip down and cleaning the device and its components / Replacing pickup rollers / Clean ink service station / Replace separation pad kits / Maximise uptime and extend the usable life of your printer with an annual preventative maintenance service.


Ups Repairs – Total, strip clean and service / Replace Batteries


Servers – The team at Ziratek is highly experienced in supplying, configuring, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting servers.

A new server or you need to migrate an existing server to new hardware, Ziratek is capable.

Ziratek is able to troubleshoot and resolve your server issues so that you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business. If your current server is running slowly then in this case we can provide maintenance and/or hardware upgrades to ensure it can continue to power your business.


Most small businesses have a number of computers that share resources such as documents, scanners and printers, and having a server allows numerous people to have access to these resources. Ziratek can set up custom users and groups to keep your accounts all organised and have different levels of access – so for example each employee only has access to their files and no one else’s.