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In this day and age it is extremely important to be safe online and take the appropriate steps to protect your business.

Here at Ziratek we are experts in antivirus and internet security software and can help match your business to the right software for you. We are also experienced in virus and malware removal – if you have an infected computer, it is highly likely that it’s going to slow you down or stop you from working altogether.  Worse yet some viruses are able to capture critical information such as net banking details or credit card details.  If you aren’t sure, it is better safe than sorry – Ziratek can check and remove any infections your PC may have.


Trend Micro – One of the most trusted names in antivirus software. This brand boasts a number of security features including “Smart Protection Network” and “Hosted Email Security”. Trend Micro even allows you to protect all your devices from a single console – giving you peace of mind to get your job done without worrying about different versions and expiry dates for your antivirus protection.

Malwarebytes – Long-known for their powerful free tool that removes infections; a licensed version gives you real-time protection.  It runs complementary to your traditional antivirus, and together they provide excellent protection

WatchGuard – Manufacturer of hardware firewall devices.  For a business that is serious in blocking threats and minimising downtime, WatchGuard have a range of products with a suite of tools to ensure you stay in control of your network.

Cloud Based Email Protection

Email is the primary form of communication of every business, it is also the most commonly attacked gateway that faces daily threat. Ensuring an impenetrable first line of defense is essential to keeping business risk of this nature at an absolute minimum.

  • Attacks are stopped in the cloud before they reach your company’s network
  • Maximum protection – 100% anti-virus, 99% anti-spam levels
  • Advanced email protection against spear-phishing or targeted attacks
  • Real time email security
  • Users have some control over blocked and quarantined messages

•        Simple security policy roll outs throughout a company at once via one interface

Endpoint Security Software

Viruses and system infiltration can be crippling. It is imperative to keep security software updated, and set to carry out regular automatic scans across every device and application.

  • Complete endpoint protection for Windows – web and email security
  • Endpoint antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing protection and antispam filters
  • Protection against zero-day targeted attacks
  • Internet access control
  • Bi-directional software based firewall
  • Control of unauthorised peripheral devices
  • Optimised virtualisation support
  • Low use of system resources
  • Remote administration via the web

Hardware based firewall


  • Business class network security ensuring continuous network availability, connectivity and secure remote access.
  • All on one device, operating at your network’s gateway, protecting both your physical and virtual network.
  • Protect against security risks from applications, bring-your-own-devices, spyware, spam, malware, network attacks, unauthorized intrusions and data leakage.

Software based firewall


A gateway configuration tool for Linux


Other Software Security Measures

  • Proxy server – Content filtering mostly related to internet browsing.
  • VPN Solutions – secure access to the internal corporate network as well as secure site-to-site connectivity (connecting multiple networks – particularly useful in enabling branch offices to share resources (WAN).
  • Authorised software – only authorized, original software to be installed.
  • Windows Patches – Microsoft critical updates need to be applied regularly to patch vulnerabilities and ward off intrusion.

Physical Security

  • IP and analogue CCTV solutions custom designed to suit each client’s business needs.
  • Biometric and card based access control solutions.

Vehicle Tracking System

  • Reports – like over speeding, Idle Time/Stoppage, Trip report, Geofence violation, Acceleration/de-acceleration, Distance Traveled/Travel Path. Covering all aspects of fleet utilisation and optimised Trip scheduling
  • Alerts – proactive measures for events like panic by driver or passengers, power On/Off, GPSuUnit tampering. Served through Email or SMS
  • Realtime – Stream based tracking of vehicles 24×7 makes fleet management an easier task, helping avoid misuse and improving overall productivity
  • Driver Profiling – Driver location can be ascertained and behavior can be regulated
  • Routing – Route optimization helps in reducing fuel cost
  • Safety – monitor non-emergency speeding to improve passenger and driver safety
  • Geofencing – Geofence creation and monitoring violations
  • Billing – tools to help resolve billing dispute with transport vendor