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Support – IT support is the backbone that keeps your business up and running online.  Ziratek is able to provide IT support onsite, remotely, or over the phone – sometimes even just a quick chat on the phone can get you up and running again. You need someone who can understand your business and who is honest in their dealings.  You need someone you can trust, especially as the IT support team will often have administrative access to your network – which means they have access to everything.  By choosing Ziratek as your IT support partner of choice, you can be certain that your business information will remain confidential.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Providing an outsourced IT department that encompasses all the services of: Onsite IT Support, Remote IT Support, Telephonic IT Support and Managed IT Services.Ziratek (Pty) Ltd offers professional IT management and support of network infrastructure systems for SMEs and large corporate clients. IT support solutions will be structured to suit your specific business requirements. Ziratek’s SLAs facilitate a combined proactive and reactive approach. This way you are afforded peace of mind that your IT environment is up-to-date, consistently available, more stable, and secure. IT matters are handled in the quickest time possible, thus saving you time and money, and ensuring unhindered productivity of your work.With our team members averaging 12 years IT experience, you can be assured that we have a broad range of knowledge and experience. This in turn means that we are adept at managing complex server infrastructures and network configurations across various business sectors.