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Ziratek is qualified to setup, repair, replace, and upgrade your network to keep your businesses running at its maximum potential. If your current network connection is too slow or not performing well we are experienced in implementing and troubleshooting networks and can fix it in no time. We can even help you if you are setting up a new office or moving your existing one, making this transition as smooth as possible for you. From internet connections, VoIP, data cabling, through to setting up a Wi-Fi network, we can arrange it all for your business. Ziratek (Pty) Ltd can offer your business an entire turnkey network infrastructure solution – planning, Network designs, installation, commissioning, Network security, optimization, performance monitoring, management, maintenance supply and installation of your company’s structured network system.

A company’s network system forms the backbone of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, responsible for everything from, data transfer, internet access, messaging, telephony solutions, video and audio communications to security. It facilitates efficient collaboration between an organisation’s employees, Its suppliers and customers. The consistency of its performance is crucial.

The three main networking technologies that small businesses and home offices require are an Internet connection, Wireless connection, and a Wired connection.


Internet connection – An internet plan is mandatory for business these days.  This will allow you to connect to services such as email, websites, and hosted applications.


Wireless – A wireless connection (Wi-Fi) takes your existing internet connection and connects it to your devices wirelessly.  This might be a desktop, laptop, a tablet, or even a smart phone. It gives you the ability to move your device around and still stay connected – as long as you have good range with the wireless access point.


Wired – Wired connections are favoured for performance and reliability over wireless, although you don’t get the option to run around the office with your device.